Share your Career Journey
There are a million little events that happen in our careers that are often forgotten rather than over-embellished. While we are eager to capture our personal lives in nano-seconds, our career steps are often overlooked.
BLOGS change all this. For years, I have recommended that my coaching clients keep a work journal. As the beginning of a career portfolio, this work journal captures the great value found within the incremental pieces of the career: various jobs, the learning, the progressions, and the impact that one has on the work environment. More than just a memory tool, this precious assemblage permits you to remember self-value as well as prove professional value, should either ever be in question. With BLOGS and TWEETS, we are able to keep our colleagues aware of this progression.

Here are some of my best tips-
TIP ONE: Keep your public persona intact with current contact information. You never know when you will need a precious colleague for information, a reference or a referral within your career. There are many resources that can assist: Linked In is my favorite professional network and while there are others, the only rule is to keep it professional!

TIP TWO: Translate the accomplishments documented in your BLOG or TWEET journal to update your resume. Include any new learning that you also may acquire that is new and exciting. Upload your new postings online regularly if you actively are seeking new opportunities.

TIP THREE: Keep a running list of newly developed competencies that you can bring to the workplace. At least once a year for your performance review, refer to these contributions with your supervisor. Make sure these competencies are also listed in your resume. TOOT your capabilities as often as possible and shamelessly request others to provide positive feedback.

TIP FOUR: Identify trends in the things that you do well and enjoy doing most often. Once your trends are identified, you may find you may want to switch career tracks. These trends may assist you in finding a mentor that will want you on their team because you can clearly articulate to them what you like and do well.

TIP FIVE: Prove your performance. Your BLOG pr TWEET journal cannot only assist in the above efforts, it may also allow you to negotiate a higher salary (for all the extra things you do), and possibly obtain a promotion because you can refer to measurable performance a prospective employer requires.